Yaman Konuralp


“Le Soleil” (The Sun)
“Along the old street on whose cottages are hung
The slatted shutters which hide secret lecheries,
When the cruel sun strikes with increased blows
The city, the country, the roofs, and the wheat fields,
I go alone to try my fanciful fencing,
Scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme,
Stumbling over words as over paving stones,
Colliding at times with lines dreamed of long ago.”

excerpt from Les Fleurs du mal by Charles Baudelaire

The photography presented here is an ongoing analog street photography project spanning over several years shot in Copenhagen, Berlin, and London.
I prefer to shoot most of my work in the streets and with a film camera, where risk taking and chance motivates ‘what will happen in the next second?’ before I click the shutter.
For me, a photograph becomes alive when things come out as an instant and dynamic capture……. I find an authenticity with people in their natural surroundings and in everyday situations as compared to studio photography.

My Gear: Nikon F’s, FED3b, ZORKI4K I shoot mostly 50mm lenses, print and develop my own photos.
Architectural and Portraiture photography website
Black and white analog photography Nikon F @ Flickr   

nikon f monochrome
More of my Nikon F Street Photography images video – music by Mads Vinding –

Canon FTb QL Fast Action Street Photography – Loading Film

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